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21 Feb 2022

Taunton Cider Pork Chops

Taunton Cider

Pork chops are the champions of weeknight dinners. They are easy to cook, juicy and flavourful, so no wonder they’re so popular.

15 Feb 2022

Tasty Taunton Cider Pancakes

Taunton Cider

Great news, Pancake Day is in exactly 2 weeks (1st March)! And what better way to prepare for one of the most yummy days of the year than level up your pancake making skills. 

10 Jan 2022

Easy Taunton Cider Margarita

Taunton Cider

One of the things we wanted to try more this year was to experiment with different styles of apple cider cocktails and we have found and tried couple of them that were absolutely delicious and easy to make. 

20 Dec 2021

Parsnips & Carrots With Mulled Cider & Thyme

Taunton Cider

Make your roast dinner more interesting this year by serving Parsnips & Carrots With Mulled Cider & Thyme.

17 Dec 2021

Baked Taunton Cider Donuts

Taunton Cider

These baked (not fired) cider donuts are one of our favourites. Seriously, they are so delicious and heavenly, and only take around 40 minutes to make. 

9 Dec 2021

Mulled Taunton Cider

Taunton Cider

Nothing gets us in the Christmas spirit like a nice hot glass of mulled cider. We have tried and tested different versions of the mulled cider, and we want to share one of the recipes with you.

17 Nov 2021

Chunky Apple Cider Cake with Walnuts and Raisins

Taunton Cider

Christmas is fast approaching, and we want to share with you tried and enjoyed delicious chunky apple cider cake. This warming cake is perfect for sharing with your loved ones on dark winter evenings while enjoying a glass of Taunton Cider.

2 Mar 2021

Baked Scallop in the shell, buttered leeks, Taunton cider and Apple

Taunton Cider

By Olivier Certain, Head Chef at Mason Arms, Knowstone.

16 Apr 2018

Cider, Apple and Sultana Cake – Recipe

Taunton Cider

The office staff here at Taunton Cider made a fairly spectacular Cider, Apple and Sultana cake over the weekend and we have been enjoying it throughout the day today.

7 Mar 2018

British Pie Week!

Taunton Cider

“It’s all in the timing”- a phrase never more apt than now. Following Emma’s appearance last week and the chilly air still hanging about, this week is British Pie Week!
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