Not snow much fun for the apples!

Not snow much fun for the apples!

The green fingered among us will have noticed that the apple blossom seems to be somewhat behind this year, but what does that mean for this year’s apple yield?

The visit of storm Emma at the start of 2018 has meant it was a chilly start to the year with the MET office issuing a highly unusual red weather warning for the South West, as our gardens and streets spent much of the month in snowy conditions.

But what effect has this had on our gardens, specifically our apple trees?

Our Master Cider Maker is not overly concerned, at least not for the cider trees “It’s early days yet for cider apple blossom and predictions,” however the news was potentially not so good for those of us the enjoy an apple crumble “Dessert apples such as Bramley are early blossoming and could well be affected by this cold wet weather”.

“Cider apple trees actually benefited from the cold snaps during the winter but now need a warm run-up to May when the blossom will appear”.

Cider producers will have been aware that the past two years have seen bumper yields however we will have to wait until Mid May and after the petal fall before we can gauge what effect Emma has had on our cider apples.

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