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Baked Scallop in the shell, buttered leeks, Taunton cider and Apple

Baked Scallop in the shell, buttered leeks, Taunton cider and Apple


2 Hand dived scallop ( in shell ) 1 Banana Shallot

75g unsalted butter

100 ml Taunton cider ( medium ) 100 ml fish stock

50 ml double cream

1 granny smith apple

Ready made put pastry 9 ( to seal the scallop shells ) Cornish salt ( 1 tablespoon )



Egg yolks 2


Method :

1- prep the scallops : slide a table knife along the inside of the flat part of the shell, it will pull away. Carefully lift the scallop out of the shell. Scrape against the shell to free it. Reserve both shells.

2- remove the skirt and discard, cut away the row and reserve, then rinse the scallop meat and the roe under cold water, pat dry and keep aside.

3- cut and discard the pancreas ( black sac ).

4- clean both shells in boiling water for 15 mins, scrub them if needed, that will sanitise them.

5- Make the sauce : melt a knob of butter, add the chopped shallots, sweat them but don’t colour them, add the cider and reduce by 2/3rd, add the fish stock and reduce by 1/2, add double cream and simmer 1 min. Season to taste and strain.

6- sliced the washed leeks in small dice or julienne, cook in butter on low heat to soften them without colouring them, add seasoning. Keep aside, if slightly too watery, put in colander.

7- cut the scallops in 3 lengthways, lay the cut scallops on a tray, add the buttered leeks, place the scallop meat over the leeks in a circle and put the roe in the middle, season the scallop meat, add on top dices of apple or small apple balls. Spoon the cold sauce ( if hot it will cook them ) over the scallop meat ( 1 tablespoon ), lay the flat shell over the rounded shell carefully.

8- egg wash all around the edges of the scallop shell to attach the puff pastry piece all around it, pinch all around it making sure the 2 ends of the pastry are attached at the top of the scallops. Egg wash all over the pastry. Now it will be ready to bake.

9- in a hot oven 180 degrees celsius, put the scallop and cook 8 mins, the pastry will become golden. Cook 10 mins if taken from the fridge.

10- when cooked, insert a knife into the pastry to loosen it gently, place on top of sea salt so it stays in place.

Serve it with the rest of the sauce that you kept aside.



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